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CGM - Kate gets to try out what is being recommended for her patients with Type 1 diabetes

Continuous Glucose Monitoring Device (CGM) Experience - 1

On our Facebook page we've posted links to a website which is advocating on behalf of people with Type 1 Diabetes to get better and more equitable access to Continuous Glucose Monitoring (CGM) technology.  It's an interesting and thought provoking read, and if you aren't familiar with the topic, will help with understanding of just how important and life changing (and life saving!) these devices can be.  There's a link on the site for a petition to show your support.

Today we had our Nurse Practitioner Kate hooked up to a Libre CGM device, one of several available on the New Zealand market.   This is to help her gain a greater understanding of the technology, how it impacts her decision making around what she eats, her training for Ironman and how the overall experience feels.  While we understand this in no way replicates the experience of someone using a device to manage actual diabetes, this should allow Kate to understand better what she's recommending when she discusses this technology with patients.

Kate's going to be wearing the device for two weeks.  In this time she'll be keeping a detailed food and exercise diary (an app comes with the device), regularly checking her levels by scanning with her smartphone, and capturing what her thoughts and feelings are.  She'll report back later.   Thanks to Kevin of Mediray for supporting this trial.